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The Leading Forum on the Role of Consumers in Transforming Healthcare

October 19 - 21, 2008
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC

Preconference: Sunday October 19th, 2008

Watch video of the 2008 Consumer Driven Summit on the go. The Consumer Driven Summit offers Podcasting of all general sessions on a 30gb Video iPOD™, a DVD-ROM, or a Flash Drive. Concurrent breakout session audio and all related presentation materials are also included on each multimedia format.

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Lois Gargotto
Vice President, Market & Business Segment Operations, Humana, Inc., Louisville, KY
William Boyles
Editor & Publisher, Consumer Driven Market Report, Washington, DC
John Iglehart
Founding Editor, Health Affairs and New England Journal of Medicine, Washington, DC

David Randall
Executive Director, The Consumer Driven Health Care Institute, Washington, DC
Clive Riddle
President, MCOL, Modesto, CA
Greg Scandlen
Senior Fellow for Health Care Policy, The Heartland Institute, Hagerstown, MD

  • Preconference I: Consumer Driven Plans Workshop Sponsored by the Consumer Driven Health Care Institute
  • Preconference II: Provider Issues in Consumerism

  • Health Care 2009: The Role of the Consumer by Regina E. Herzlinger, PhD
  • Health Plan Innovations, Initiatives and Research in Consumer Driven Care
  • Consumer Health Technology and Empowerment
  • Behavioral Economics and Consumerology - Impacting Consumer Health Care Behavior
  • Emerging Technologies Help Consumers Enjoy Higher Healthcare Standards
  • The Impact of the November Elections on Consumer Driven Health Care
  • The Globalization of Health Care
  • Price and Quality Transparency Initiatives: Aligning Your Efforts with Your Target Customer
  • Employer Perspectives on Transparency in Health Care
  • The Future of Value Based Insurance Design

  • Consumerism, Insurance & Health: 2.0
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Patterns of Thinking and Action: Health Personas Driving Consumer Preferences and Health Care Demand
  • The Economics and Technology Driving the Globalization of Medicine
  • The Impact of Social Media in Health Care
  • Joining the Conversation: How Social Networks Impact and Influence Healthcare
  • Empower Consumers Within Your Walled Garden - Social Networking and Rare Disease Communities
  • Winning Customers in an Online Market: How Carriers Must Adapt to a Changing Health Insurance Marketplace
  • The Online Individual Insurance Market - Perspectives, Experiences and Trends
  • Increasing Choice, Irrationally: Behavioral Economics Research on Baby Boomers Saving and Paying for their Healthcare
  • Connected Care in a Connected World: Sharing Clinical Information Within an Organization, with Other Providers, and Consumers
  • The Demand to Provide High Quality Information to Healthcare Customers
  • The Cost Effectiveness of Direct to Consumer Advertising for Prescription Drugs
  • GAO Health Savings Account Research
  • Using Predictive Modeling to Simulate Health Savings Account Performance for the Chronically Ill
  • The Emerging VEBA Opportunity
  • Impact of Consumer Driven Health Plans - Findings from the SHPS Health Practices Study
  • CDH and Banking - Market Trends and What Consumers Need in a CDH World
  • Research Supporting a National Health Insurance Market
  • Innovative Health and Wellness Incentive Programs
  • Wellness Incentive Compliance
  • How to Motivate Employees to Make Lifestyle Changes
  • Putting the "Health" Back into Health Care Benefits
  • Integrating Wellness & Preventative Care into a CDHP
  • Consumers Need to Become CEOs of their Own Health and Health Care
  • Consumers Researching Providers - the HealthGrades Experience
  • The Impact of Consumerism and CDHP Programs: Mercer Research and Client Case Experience
  • The State of Convenient Care for 2009
  • Marketing Data and Strategies
  • Legal Compliance Developments for Consumer Driven Health Care
  • Regulatory and Compliance Issues with Employer On-Site Clinics

Vishal Bali
CEO, Wockhardt Hospitals Group, Mumbai, India
David Boucher, MPH, FACHE
President & COO Companion Global Healthcare, a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Helen Darling
President, National Business Group on Health, Washington, DC
Behrends Foster
Vice President of Federal Affairs, America's Health Insurance Plans, Washington, DC
Steven Gerst, MD
Executive Vice President, MedicaView International, Alpharetta, GA
Regina E. Herzlinger, PhD
Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Author, Consumer-Driven Healthcare, Cambridge, MA
Paul Keckley, PhD
Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Washington, DC

James Mault, MD,FACS
Director, Business Development, Microsoft Health Solutions Group, Bellvue, WA
Jocelyn Miller
Software Engineer, Google Health, Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Thomas P. Miller, JD
Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Former Senior Health Economist, Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Congress, Washington, DC
Robert Nease
PhD, Chief Science Officer, Express-Scripts, St. Louis, MO
Daniel James Snyder, FACHE
Group EVP & COO, ParkwayHealth, Singapore
Maureen E. Sullivan
Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Chicago, IL
Grace-Marie Turner
President, Galen Institute, Washington, DC
Andrew Webber
President and Chief Executive Officer, National Business Coalition on Health, Washington, DC



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